Thursday, September 27, 2007

Ed Subitzky Journal of Consciousness comics

Some of you may have heard of my good friend Ed Subitzky. He was one of the founding geniuses from the National Lampoon. He was also an occasional guest on the NBC Letterman shows. Do yourself a favor and look up his work in those old back issues.
This piece cracks me up!


Susan H said...

Hey Bobalob!

Ed says thanks so much for posting his JCS piece! It is pretty long, but it is pretty funny, and chock-full of relevant content too, as far as the problem of consiousness goes. Most people seem to like this piece whether or not they are interested in consiousness.
Ed loves that all the big-time consciousness researchers get to (pretty much have to) read the things of his that run in that journal. The editor of JCS says the only downside is that now a bunch of
people send in stories and other stuff that are not relevant at all...

love to you....Susan H

Anonymous said...


A.G. said...



i've been carrying around an old cartoon of subitzky's since 1980. where is he??? is he publishing??? every few years, i check for a book. i'd love to publish him one day.

we just started our own company, monster girl media, but don't have enough cash to do right by him yet.