Tuesday, September 18, 2007


More Ferdinand Horvath stuff.
These giant concepts from the Mickey Mouse
cartoon "Brave Little Tailor" have the coolest
funny shapes His characters always have great silhouettes

Cute, stupid elves.


R. Banuelos said...

These are fun. Does every Disney character work at a sandwich shop? They all got gloves on!

Those eyes are inspirational, no one draws eyes like they use to. Eyes are circles everytime now. The elves all have different eyes but they look from the same universe.

Cool post, I like these drawings.

Bob Camp said...

Yeah in those days they put gloves on most characters. I like the eyes too. Very expressive. There's a lot to learn by looking at the work of different artists from different periods.

Thad K said...

Jesus- this guy could really draw! Very expressive and well-constructed stuff. Thanks for sharing, Bob.