Sunday, September 23, 2007



Rich Dannys said...

Yeah, I've got a copy of this, too.. Definitely one of my most "prized" collectibles!

In fact, all of the Russ Cochran 'Original Art' catalogs, are top-notch, imho..
Cool Blog, Mr. Camp!!

Rich Dannys said...

But you do know his last name is spelled: Horvath, right?

Bob Camp said...

Oops! Dummy alert!
Thanks Rich.

Rich Dannys said...

You're gettin' closer, Bob..
But it's still HORvath, last time I checked..

I guess I'm being a spellcheck Nazi now, aren't I?

Bob Camp said...


Native Nations Art said...

Just curious about your blog site on Ferdinand Horvath. I am the only blood relation to him and it is exciting for me to see his works are still recognized and appreciated. Over the years, before his death, Bruce Hamilton kept me informed about my uncle’s artworks as he was an authority on Feri (Ferdinand). I have a few artifacts by Ferdinand that I am thinking of offering to the public but I am unsure how to approach the issue as it may change the history of Disney mania. As you may know, my uncle was released from Disney as his views varied from the other artists in Disney’s stable. Although he was never credited for his works on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs it is a well known fact that he was a contributor to this project. In my possession I hold the only known original sculpture of “The King of the Dwarfs” and would appreciate some input as to whether or not this is a good time to put this collectible sculpture on the market.

Márton said...

this is just a quick note about the fact that I am writing my PhD about the animated film artists with Hungarian origin, like Ferdinánd Huszti Horváth. (and some others, like George Pal, John Halas, Jean Image, Berthold Bartos, Peter Földes, etc.) If you do know somebody who has some materials (documentation, interview, photos, drawings, etc.) from these artists, please let me know over my e-mail address: Many thanks!